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It was hypothesized that positive affect and life satisfaction will be positively correlated with self-esteem and negatively correlated with fear of negative evaluation and interaction anxiousness and negative affect will be negatively correlated with self-esteem and positively correlated with fear of negative evaluation and interaction anxiousness.
Then Interaction Anxiousness scale and Rosenberg self-esteem scale were administered to measure the level of social anxiety and self esteem in participants respectively with 5 minutes break.
'I felt we needed to reframe the players' minds and take that anxiousness out of the group because I thought we looked anxious on Wednesday.
PVFS can cause feelings of anxiousness and stress and some sufferers can get quite depressed by it.
As Pauline talked, I felt a huge stab of anxiousness as I was transported back to over a year ago when my sister, Gilly, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
"I don't feel any anxiousness, you'd have to ask each player individually about how they feel," he said.
The pound weakened against the dollar amid the anxiousness over this week's economic developments, as well as a CBI survey showing the worst reading for factory orders last month since April.
Al-Qirbi has voiced his anxiousness about increasing the number of pirate operations in the region, in where tens of foreign marine worships exist.
We created three good chances near the end when we might have won it but a lack of composure or over anxiousness in front of goal let the players down.
A "mature" alternatives program starts with a fair amount of anxiousness and takes years to develop, he said.
A feeling of fear and anxiousness is clouding over Egyptian actress Wafa Amer as a result of threats she has been receiving from an anonymous individual.
We had a very intense game in Scotland and then the two travel days so there was a little bit of fatigue early on and also some anxiousness," he said.