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Starting with a child's comprehended knowledge of events often belies untruths or inaccuracies that usually start as rumours in the playground and might be adding to feelings of anxiousness or uncertainty.
000 government troops and their allied forces, ISIL militants proved to be a hard catch due to their deployment in the middle of civilians, a tactic which Iraqi and coalition generals say caused a slowdown in ground progress due to their anxiousness to preserve the safety of citizens who are believed to be used as human shields.
Four out of five reported experiencing work-related anxiousness, 86 per cent had suffered sleeplessness and almost a third reported poor health, while three-quarters suffered from low energy levels.
Four out of five reported experiencing work-related anxiousness, 86% had suffered sleeplessness and almost a third reported poor health, while three quarters suffered from low energy levels.
The resulting anxiousness could carry out to or get worse impotence.
Despite oil prices breaching the keenly watched $50 (Dh183) per barrel mark, Emirates Investment Bank (EIB) has trimmed its positions in the UAE and Saudi equities amid the anxiousness and is placing bets on short-term hedging strategies, which offers low yields as it expects volatility to spike up amid the upcoming events.
In sections on antagonism, disinhibition, rigidity, and negative affectivity, they consider such topics as contemporary conceptualizations of callous personality features from childhood to adulthood, urgency: a common transdiagnostic endo-phenotype for maladaptive risk taking, the dark and light sides of overconfidence, anxiousness and negative affectivity in the personality and internalizing disorders, and interpersonal dependency.
There's a real feeling of sadness and anxiousness within the community.
There will be some anxiousness and nervousness around the place at the moment, but that is to be expected when there are only 11 or 12 games to go and you are involved in a relegation battle.
That anxiousness turned to dismay and astonishment once I read Tom Beckstrand had proclaimed $1,150 was--in his own words--"such a low price," which harkened me back to the March 2015 issue of G&A in the "Lock, Stock, & Barrel" column where SGM Kyle Lamb (Ret.
All of us are aware of the fact that care, understanding and joy make the working environment more plausible but what about anxiousness, anger, fear and sadness Let's discuss how these factors can play a constructive and beneficial role:-
KUWAIT, Nov 16 (KUNA) -- Monday's KSE session witnessed selective stocks' purchases targeting the cheap chips in particular, along with liquidity hike as well as the investors' anxiousness for possible emergence of stimulants.