any individual

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The influence of ancestry, however, is important in helping forward any individual or race, if too much reliance is not placed upon it.
Under all circumstances in the handling of any individual challenges pertaining to disabilities that proper due process is afforded to the student and family.
It can therefore be argued that a fair perspective must be given to any individual's decision making processes.
104-95 prohibits state taxation of the qualified retirement income of any individual who is not a resident of the state where earned when the payments are made.
Any speculation about the sexual orientation of a trans-individual is as ignorant as the speculation of the sexual orientation of any individual. Just as any individual identifying as male might be attracted to males or females, an individual having had male-to-female SRS may be attracted to males or females.
If pollution is discharged, the costs to any individual neighbor of seeking an injunction may be greater than the benefits to that individual, even though total benefits to all neighbors may well exceed the costs of bringing a court action.
Personal conceptions are reflective of a much larger construct, one that transcends any individual. The relationship, however, between individual perception and social construct is an integral one in that dynamic socialization shapes the construction of reality.
Nor should a Company inquire about the compensation or benefits package respecting any individual. The Company should affirmatively endeavor not to know about such matters.
Individual limits are exceeded if there is an assignable local cause unique to any individual cavity.
These rules apply to any individual (or personal service corporation) who is both an employee or independent contractor and an officer, shareholder (with stock worth the lesser of $1 million or 1% of total value) or highly compensated individual (that is, making at least $75,000 and among the highest paid 1% or 250 corporate employees).
For example, the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) utilizes the definition of disability provided in the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998, defines a person with a disability as any individual meeting the following criteria, "has a physical or mental impairment which for such individual constitutes or results in a substantial impediment to employment; and; and 2) can benefit in terms of an employment outcome from vocational rehabilitation services provided pursuant to title I, III, or VI" (Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998, Section 7:21).
Finally, career counseling perpetuates the optimistic belief that any individual, if she or he works hard enough, will be able to realize her or his occupational dreams.