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But what I vote is, as two of the sensiblest o' the company should go with you to Master Kench, the constable's--he's ill i' bed, I know that much--and get him to appoint one of us his deppity; for that's the law, and I don't think anybody 'ull take upon him to contradick me there.
Casson," said Adam, in his strong voice, that could be heard along the table; "I've never dined here before, but I come by Captain Donnithorne's wish, and I hope it's not disagreeable to anybody here.
Anybody 'ud think the Scotch tunes had always been asking a question of somebody as deaf as old Taft, and had never got an answer yet.
Sir James was informed that same night that Dorothea was really quite set against marrying anybody at all, and was going to take to "all sorts of plans," just like what she used to have.
They wouldn't 'a' let a nigger steal anybody else's corn and never done anything to him.
After some time they received an offer of tea from one of their neighbours; it was thankfully accepted, and this introduced a light conversation with the gentleman who offered it, which was the only time that anybody spoke to them during the evening, till they were discovered and joined by Mr.
She dresses beautifully, and her sleeve puffs are bigger than anybody else's in Avonlea.
She seldom listened to anybody for more than half a minute, and never attended to Mary at all.
Because I don't expect anybody would believe me if I did," replies the old fellow calmly, and without even a tinge of bitterness in his tone, as he refills his pipe, and requests the landlord to bring him three of Scotch, cold.
Then he added: "I shouldn't think anybody who could talk like that, runnin', would need ter ask no questions ter fill up time with
It doth -- anybody that is of lofty birth; and the better if he be royal.
Oh, anybody can run a tick down that don't belong to them.