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How the government will react to a church assuming a more prophetic role is anybody's guess.
Teachers lose their sheets or hand them in late," she says, adding that it's anybody's guess when she will get an accurate count.
Who has the diamonds and where is anybody's guess, and the reader gets the delight of being caught up in this wild goose chase.
It's "back on the bus, y'all," as the Girls are fond of saying, but it's anybody's guess as to where they'll take us next.
A Fianna Fail spokesman said yesterday: "It's anybody's guess at present who will be selected.
To understand Jeff's story, readers are encouraged to connect it to those Jeff reads and passes along, but how these gloss what is going on is equally anybody's guess.
IT'S anybody's guess what these two are chatting about in Ibiza town.
How much there is out there is anybody's guess, but the signs are encouraging.
Whether it will get to the Ethernet per port price of $200 is anybody's guess.
How much more futuristic holograms can go is anybody's guess.
How CNCS figures a participant will know when or where he might witness a crime is anybody's guess.
What new learning disabilities will be discovered when computer literacy becomes a sine qua non for success in contemporary society is anybody's guess.