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So, what possessed him to announce that photographers trying to take unflattering pictures of the ladies of Liverpool enjoying a lively day out might be turfed off the premises is anyone's guess? Because there was only ever going to be one certainty about this story and that was it would be gleefully accompanied by scores of the type of pictures Mr Baker takes such exception to.
How her ankles (and the shoes for that matter) survived over the stony and sandy obstacle course is anyone's guess. A doggy term preceded by silly (family newspaper, deleted by the Editor) comes to mind.
BROADCHURCH ITV 9pm With ITV determined to avoid plot spoilers, it's anyone's guess as to what's going to happen in this second episode.
What she privately thinks of the state of the nation is anyone's guess. She has certainly seen some changes in her lifetime - and I will be devastated when she is no longer with us.
She takes friends along for moral support - but how the night will play out is anyone's guess.
What Mike Ashley's plan is, buying shares on the open market rather than at their offering, thus denying the club the thick end of a seven-figure sum to keep them afloat, is anyone's guess.
what it says is anyone's guess: a wing clipped, a valve in
Whether David Cameron will pay a blind bit of notice is anyone's guess, although the fact the Government says there is evidence of the problem getting better - I know, hilarious, isn't it?
However, following Friday's shambolic non-farms figure it's anyone's guess as to what Janet Yellen will announce in the January meet.
Whether we see the new iPhone or not is anyone's guess. Whether we see an iPad update is also anyone's guess.
But, as Saeed is known for her ever changing musical style, which songs will make the cut for this highly anticipated album is anyone's guess.
That's really anyone's guess. But if the February surge was due to fears of the Strait of Hormuz being closed, the April slump may be because it has sunk in that that isn't likely to happen.