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Well, yes - it IS a little different from the idea I had - but I thought I might go around and get acquainted with the grandees, anyway - not exactly splice the main-brace with them, you know, but shake hands and pass the time of day.
It don't matter, and I am plenty happy enough anyway.
Well, anyway, Billings had the grandest reception that has been seen in thousands of centuries, and I think it will have a good effect.
Just exactly like Jubiter--so they say; used to was, anyway, but he hain't been seen for seven years.
It's getting late now, anyway," Daylight hurried on, "and we've settled nothing after all.
Well, you do praise it, anyway," said Agafea Mihalovna, "but Konstantin Dmitrievitch, give him what you will--a crust of bread--he'll eat it and walk away.
I couldn't sleep the night anyway, but I might go straight from shooting to the station.
I shall know, anyway, that you are fond of me, that will be enough for me.
He felt that he had, anyway, made these two poor women miserable, that he was, anyway, the cause .
Anyway you'll rise and set on your heart's horizon;
was wrong Wrong about anyway it was anyway and you've had it wrong
Allowing for all the definitions given in the dictionaries, we hold that the particle anyway conditions the existence of contrast in the text.