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The Kentucky Constitution reads: No preference shall ever be given by law to any religious sect, society or denomination; nor to any particular creed, mode of worship or system of ecclesiastical polity; nor shall any person be compelled to attend any place of worship, to contribute to the erection or maintenance of any such place, or to the salary or support of any minister of religion; nor shall any man be compelled to send his child to any school to which he may be conscientiously opposed; and the civil rights, privileges or capacities of no person shall be taken away, or in anywise diminished or enlarged, on account of his belief or disbelief of any religious tenet, dogma or teaching.
1 An act or omission is not a crime (or is not imputable to the party), unless the party knew, or, with due attention, might have known, that, under the circumstances of the fact, it was a crime [or, an act or omission is not a crime (or is not imputable to the party) unless the party subsumed the fact, or, with due attention, might have subsumed the fact, under the law] 2 An act or omission is not a crime, if it be purely involuntary; ie if the not doing the act done, or the doing the act omitted, did not depend anywise on the wishes (or will) of the party.
If the acts of an agent are anywise determined--if they are somehow, that is, anywise necessitated--then they cannot possibly qualify as free.
Our royal will and pleasure is, that no person within the said colony, at any time hereafter, shall be anywise molested, punished, disquieted, or called in question, for any differences in opinion in matters of religion, .
Neither new-moon keeping, nor Sabbath-keeping, nor fasting nor praying, will in anywise help an evangelical city like Edinburgh to stand in judgement higher than Gomorrah, while her week-day arrangements for rent from her lower orders are as follows.
Yet only the children's intermittent shouting (circus shouts refresh our words) is anywise aware.
My brigade is not here for the purpose of interfering in anywise with the institution of slavery.
200 YEARS AGO: We, the Constables of Birmingham, do hereby give this timely notice, that all publicans who shall in future be found encouraging or in anywise aiding or abetting in the inhuman and unmanly practice of cock-fighting or throwing at cocks on Shrove Tuesday or on any other day, will most assuredly have their licenses withheld as we are determined to use the upmost vigilance in discovering offenders.
For example, the State of Washington could not enforce its hunting regulations against tribal members hunting out of season on ceded lands when the cession agreement provided that "the right to hunt and fish in common with all other persons on lands not allotted to said Indians shall not be taken away or in anywise abridged.