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Congenital aortic arch anomalies represent a diverse set of malformations with a common embryologic origin and a wide array of clinical manifestations.
In our study the most common associated cardiac anomaly was right aortic arch diagnosed in 36 (17.
Hybrid repair of a Kommerell diverticulum associated with a right aortic arch and a left descending aorta.
A 4F pig-tail catheter glide was advanced into the aortic arch through the guidewire, and aortic arch aortography was performed.
Although information on the circulatory system and the ramification of the aortic arch in avian species is available in several books and atlases, the most detailed information acquired to date, is provided in the reports of the systematic studies carried out by Glenny in several bird species (Glenny, 1944, 1945a, 1948a, 1953a).
The aortic aneurysm was repaired using three endovascular stent grafts (42 mm x 216 mm, 42 mm x 135 mm, and 42 mm x 162 mm, Zenith TX2, Cook Medical, Bloomington, IN, USA), and one distal bare-metal stent graft (30 mm x 147 mm, Zenith TX2, Cook Medical, Bloomington, IN, USA) that extended from the aortic arch to the beginning of the abdominal aorta [Figure 2]a and b, followed by ligation of the proximal left carotid artery and coil embolization of the left subclavian artery (LSA).
Aortic arch disease has traditionally been difficult to treat.
Knowledge on variants of the origin and course of a vessel arising from the aortic arch is of paramount importance as ignorance of such a variation may lead to inadvertent surgical complications during procedures.
Japanese have a higher incidence of aortic arch involvement.
Right sided aortic arch can have mirror branching which is associated with congenital cardiac defects in 98% of the cases.
There have been various associated cardiac anomalies with a right aortic arch (28%) and interrupted aortic arch (18%) as the most frequently reported concurrent defects [4, 5].