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In addition to parallel grafting, fenestrated and branched grafts are used as alternatives in endovascular treatment of aortic arch and ascending aorta pathologies (2).
classified 90% of patients according to the aortic arch and trachea in CT and they did not separate the thyroid lobes, as right and left, differently from ours.
From CS15, the aortic sac between the fourth and sixth aortic arch arteries was degenerated [Figure 4]a.
Study on branching pattern of aortic arch in Indian.
A 2D echo-dextrocardia with right-sided aortic arch and mild PAH.
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is often utilized within the aortic arch region to analyze the complex three-dimensional (3D) flow patterns generated during ventricular systole, and to measure parameters that are difficult to obtain in vivo.
The right aortic arch with mirror branching is the second-most common right aortic arch branching pattern and reflects a mirror image of the left aortic arch.
Keywords: Interrupted aortic arch, Mixed aortic valve disease, Intra ventricular haemorrhage.
In other definitions of RSG, certain anatomic points, such as the fourth thoracic vertebra, the aortic arch, and the level of the carina are identified; notably, the thyroid gland must extend to these anatomical points or must be substernal by at least 50%.
A severe mobile atherosclerotic plaque was noted in the aortic arch, which was approximately 12 mm long (Figures 1-4).
Heart, ascending aorta, and aortic arch thrombus are well visualized by transesophageal echocardiography.
It extended further to the right side than to the left side, possibly because of the anatomical location of the aortic arch. When substernal goiters expand into the inferior mediastinum, less resistance is encountered during extension to the right side of the trachea owing to the relatively loose areolar tissue found in this region.