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A mother who lives apart from her children is looked upon as a failure or worse in our society.
All is in timber, apart from the prefabricated metal fence against the ramps on the south side of the site.
Professor Glendon also referred to an even deeper spiritual crisis in the Western world, identified by John Paul II as a loss of hope stemming from "an attempt to promote a vision of man apart from God and apart from Christ.
The elements snap apart from each other to provide individual adapters.
That background is worth mentioning, because apart from a writerly beginning--a narrative about the sentencing of David Duncan, the former Andersen partner in charge of the Enron Corp.
By the time Sergio's obsession has gone round the bend and he's running around looking like a cross between Gumby, Diabolik, and the Gimp from Pulp Fiction, there's nothing left for the audience to take home apart from the nudity and a few cheap thrills.
The second in the Seven Circles Trilogy, this volume witnesses the crash, the world fall, of the separate seven circles that had kept dragons apart from trolls, angels apart from elves, and humans away from the harpies and the DeathLord.
Strange--because, apart from Balanchine, of all the major European-born choreographers (including Ashton and Tudor), Petit is the most American-oriented and Yankeebesotted.