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For Ricco, however, the contours of negative sociality open onto more affirmative judgments: his vocabulary of apartness, intimacy, erasure and spatiality energises a kind of errant critical writing that erotically wanders around these discursive sites, mapping or testing out the spaces around concepts even as they recede from view.
There is no consensus in scholarship about the definition of myth, although we can agree that "all human communities have myths of origin, stories which serve both to invent a past which is necessary to make sense of the present and to establish a narrative of humankind's uniqueness and apartness from the rest of nature" (Bate 26).
In this passage, Isaac's engagement with the positive sublime results in what Lawrence Buell has called "radical relinquishment": "to give up individual autonomy itself, to forgo the illusion of mental and even bodily apartness from one's environment" (144).
That "sort of" is a colloquial and familiar way of claiming ones apartness, and a small gesture toward the larger question posed by the second edition as a whole: what does it mean to come after?
But this tearing, it's not really collage it, it's not about the torn apartness of the world, about juxtaposing things in out of context ways, it's about building up new meaning.
The commanding swivel and this apartness allows the chief supervisor to scan the room, her vision panoptic.
Warped and twisted, it becomes Jewish supremacy and apartness.
Except for Black Mirror (Judie, 1), 2012, the portraits are paired with "non-representational works on paper," made with elements of lithography and additional gestures of gouache and ink, as if, through some calculus, the already difficult-to-see visages and parts of bodies of the former lovers had been gridded or mapped as zones of apartness.
Updike stoops at one point to admit a Spaniard to his club, but he is not going to be allowed to swim in the pool: "Miro by contrast has a perverse arcanum, bred perhaps by his Catalonian apartness from the run of European culture.
Seeing the title Coming Apart, one might think he is again alluding to black-white difference, which is after all the great apartness in American history.
for all] y [member of] A)(x [not equal to] y [disjunction] y [not equal to] z), it is called apartness (A.
6 South African prime minister Doctor Malan instituted which system meaning apartness or separate development?