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In Sri Lanka while there is a public acknowledgement of the existence of widespread lawlessness involving particularly shocking offenses against women, the public itself reacts to these events apathetically," ARHC said.
Jimmy's sense of deprivation at being at the receiving end of what he perceived as imperfect mothering and the confusion and anxiety engendered in him by his intuitive insight into her depression are brought out by the episode remembered--that of her mother apathetically issuing out directives to him about fixing his own lunch.
There were, therefore, problems in the three spheres of Government: the Executive was issuing Provisional Measure in excesss, the Legislative watching apathetically and the Judiciary abstaining itself.
How can two windbags (US and Israel) swagger in front of the rest of the world as 191 other United Nations members sit apathetically under the control of these two internationally dictatorial regimes?
Of course we do not know how these pedagogies are received by the target learners and the extent to which learners accept, refuse, and take up subject positions either apathetically or compliantly.
Do we wait, apathetically, until the jungle consumes us?
Slamming the government for behaving apathetically, BJP President Nitin Gadkari appealed to the Prime Minister, Dr.
Whereas secular students in prior generations may have apathetically drifted back to the family church or synagogue to get married, the solidification of secular identity among students makes other options, like ceremonies performed by humanist celebrants and chaplains, or even secular ceremonies conducted by civil officials, more likely to become the norm in the future.
But Gappah's characters appear inebriated, unquestioningly and apathetically accepting their doom.
This term signifies not only the material destruction, but the transformation of an urban mind-set into one, which no longer believes in the final victory, but waits more or less apathetically for the end of the war.
We should not apathetically wait for the media to bring this to our attention.