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INDIFFERENT. To have no bias nor partiality. 7 Conn. 229. A juror, an arbitrator, and a witness, ought to be indifferent, and when they are not so, they may be challenged. See 9 Conn. 42.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He also suggested that to resolve voter trafficking and voter apathy registration should be done throughout the year rather than during the election period.
Sudhakaran has alleged administrative and professional lapses by officials of the Roads and Bridges Development Corporation of Kerala, and KITCO, a consultancy company, as well as the "apathy of the United Democratic Front government" for the dilapidated condition of the Palarivattom flyover.
Political apathy may be understandable -- particularly in the UK given the Brexit crisis -- but if good people stop voting, it will simply hand opportunities to extremists.
Voter's apathy has become a great challenge to Nigerian democracy.
He said, 'It is my considered opinion that in the haste to stick to a quickly announced date for the election, the commission may not have paid adequate attention to the attendant voter apathy that may result if adequate confidence building measures are not implemented to win back 'would-be' voters for the next date of polling.
The goal of this research was to empirically assess the degree to which college students report being apathetic about their courses and the sources of such apathy. Having insight into the causes of apathy could be used to reverse apathy in the classroom and enhance the excitement of learning for both student and teacher.
IANS Nagpur Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday visited the family of late Dalit farmer-scientist Dadaji Ramaji Khobragade in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, and apologised for the nation's apathy to his achievements.
WE ARE approaching another local election and the issue of voter apathy has been mentioned again.
ARSENAL fans have been weighed down by "a huge dose of apathy," according to one of the biggest supporters' groups.
I know what the greatest battle of a teacher is: apathy. This word is commonly used in relation to students, but little did I know that it best suited me as a teacher.
hen problems arise elsewhere and affect people abroad, apathy envelops us, and we whisper to ourselves, "This isn't your fight."
Disorders of diminished motivation (DDM)--including apathy, abulia, and akinetic mutism--are characterized by impairment in goal-directed behavior, thought, and emotion.