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apertus of the Tuxtlas Massif of southeastern Mexico lacks the black chest band present in all other Mexican chestnut-capped Arremon forms (Paynter 1978).
Edward, it is noteworthy that two potentially endemic taxa, Burnupia edwardi and Ceratophallus apertus, were not found and we collected only approximately half of the species reported from the lake during our study (Mandahl-Barth 1954, Brown 1994).
The site contains thousands of bones from the plant-eating dinosaur Centrosaurus apertus - a type of horned dinosaur distantly related to the Triceratops.
Species occurring exclusively in bare scree slopes (and in adjacent underground spaces) and in scree forests: Acantholycosa norvegica (Thorell 1872), Bathyphantes simillimus buchari Ruzicka 1988, Clubiona alpicola Kulczynski 1882, Comaroma simoni Bertkau 1889, Diplocentria bidentata (Emerton 1882), Kratochviliella bicapitata Miller 1938, Lepthyphantes notabilis Kulczynski 1887, Lepthyphantes improbulus Simon 1929, Lepthyphantes zimmermanni Bertkau 1890, Liocranum rutilans (Thorell 1875), Meta menardi (Latreille 1804), Micrargus apertus (O.
He also served as chief executive officer at Apertus Technologies and president of Lee Data Corporation.
Apertus Technologies Bob Baerg 7275 Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344 612-828-0300, Fax: 612-828-0454
Prior to joining Navitas Energy, Jeff Skie held executive and finance positions at Lightning Rod Software (Nasdaq:LROD), Gelco Information Network and Apertus Technologies.
radiata (Walckenaer 1841)--bo-ne; Oreonetides vaginatus (Thorell 1872)--hy-bo-mo; Pelecopsis mengei (Simon 1884)--bo-ne; Pocadicnemis pumila (Blackwall 1841)-- bo-ne; * Poeciloneta variegata (Blackwall 1841)--hy-bo-mo, in Nearctic restricted to the West; * Semljicola lapponicus (Holm 1939)--hy, in Nearctic known from Alaska only; Sisicus apertus (Holm 1939)--bo-ne; Thyreostenius parasiticus (Westring 1851)--bo-ne; * Tibioplus diversus (C.
Prior to Carleton, Gordon was chairman, CEO and president of Apertus Technologies, which focused on marketing a new generation of networking technology for integrating internets with IBM mainframe computers.
Hahn has held the positions of general manager internetworking group and, prior to that, vice president of marketing at Apertus Technologies, Inc.
This product line was part of CNT's October 1997 acquisition of the Internet Solutions Division of Apertus Technologies, Inc.
The company was formed in November 1997 through the merger of Apertus Technologies Incorporated and Carleton Corporation to focus on developing and marketing a new generation of customer data management solutions.