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Character," says Novalis, in one of his questionable aphorisms,--"character is destiny.
Today, Buick gets the chance to shine again for James Fanshawe as he takes the ride on Aphorism for the first time in the William T Corbett 'In Running' Handicap (5.
The film concludes with the sage aphorism, ``There is no such thing as a holy war.
The result in 'Glass' is something between a visual, end of century Scheerbart, full of hints and agendas, many only just beyond aphorism, and a brilliant slide show.
In order to reduce the gap between words and things, Bacon relies on aphorism as that mode that distills and clarifies observation.
The aphorism seems to be a congenial medium of expression for Efimov, who links his name in an ironic manner to the Greek elements in the word "euphemism" (eu = well + phemizein = to say, to speak).
While Marshall McLuhan's aphorism about `the medium being the message' may overstate the on-line phenomenon, it comes close to expressing the collapsing boundaries between the two.
APHORISM made a belated but promising reappearance at Salisbury last month and can begin to make up for lost time in the William T Corbett 'In Running' Handicap (5.
Yet many biographers have taken his words at face value, so encouraging the cult of the Architect as Hero as well as a rather naive interpretation of his historic aphorism, 'Form Follows Function'.
It comes from an aphorism attributed to Vaclav Havel In the West everything works, and nothing matters; in the East nothing works, and everything matters.
Even Pliny (not a man to offer a joke if a solemn aphorism could he used instead) enjoyed playfulness sometimes, for instance in a curved marble bench in his Tuscan garden from which 'water gushes out from under the seat as if pressed out by the weight of people sitting there, [it] is caught in a stone cistern then held in a polished marble basin which is regulated by a hidden device so as to remain full without overflowing .
But such foibles don't detract overmuch from Directed by Allen Smithee, whose contribution to the deprivileging of the omniscient, omnipotent auteur can perhaps be summed up in a single aphorism, or future piece of academic graffiti: "Smithee is the absence of Spielberg.