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Character," says Novalis, in one of his questionable aphorisms,--"character is destiny.
Belgian painter Magritte (1898-1967) wrote throughout his life, in genres such as essays, prose-poems, manifestos, polemics, lectures, reviews, film scripts, memoirs, interviews, pamphlets, aphorism, and plays on words and images.
It's an aphorism, and like all the best ones, it feels as if it always existed, and only needed someone to discover it.
Master of aphorism, he had almost a miraculous ability to capture a rainbow of meaning in a few dewdrops of well chosen words.
The meaning of each aphorism is but the culmination of a more elaborate argument.
Nietzsche's use and understanding of an aphorism changed with time, but the author argues here that a common constant throughout his aphoristic output was that of excess.
Each chapter begins with an aphorism, followed by a poetic description of the illness, an additional aphorism related to the remedy, and the remedy in verse.
As good as this aphorism may be, the essay's argument goes much further.
Essays and Aphorism on the Higher Man" is a simple and powerful read, highly recommended.
The classic definition of aphorism comes--appropriately enough, since he is both the world's most famous lexicographer and a noted aphorist--from Samuel Johnson: "a maxim; a precept contracted in a short sentence; an unconnected position" (Gross, 1983, p.
THE WHIRLINGDERVISH was handicapped to bounce back to winning form in his favourite race, the Pontefract Cup, but the Jamie Spencer-ridden Aphorism failed to read the script and, by nailing Tim Easterby's stayer inside the final furlong, denied the old-timer a fourth success in the race.
Envisage landed the totequadpot Handicap, while Aphorism came out best in the totetrifecta Pontefract Cup.