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Although it is somewhat elaborate in its production of terms and categories, Shaw's study is important in its claim to recover wisdom in a time when it is in decline and in the insights it offers into various kinds of oracular and aphoristic writing.
He has gradually developed a unique style, aphoristic and fragmentary, blending elements of the novel, essay, historical, and autobiographical genres.
Musings at the End of Modernity: An Aphoristic Essay" is a collection of aphorisms, or short, to the point paragraphs speaking author Conor O'Brian Barnes' opinion on many things about life.
Only the relatively brief and aphoristic 2500-year-old Art of War by the (possibly mythic) Chinese sage Sun Tzu has a reputation approaching Clausewitz's masterpiece.
It is ironic, since Agamben clearly follows the aphoristic tradition of Benjamin and Nietzsche, that we find the most rewarding and philosophically original essay in the relatively lengthy 'In Praise of Profanation'.
He communicates through elegantly scribbled notes, some of which are directly presented to the camera and others of which are used throughout the film as aphoristic chapter headings.
Although his words may retain their familiarity--the aphoristic "[t]he pen is mightier than the sword" from his play Richelieu (1839), for instance--their proper attribution often goes unrecognized.
This sentiment is echoed throughout Reading Writing, an impressionistic, aphoristic, and deeply personal collection of essays on reading, writing and the arts.
We start with a pithily aphoristic survey of Auden's life and character by his biographer Richard Davenport-Hines, then move through a trio of essays on the three phases of Auden's literary career--English, American, and European--before we reach a series of generic studies, including a stimulating consideration of the prose works by Tony Sharpe and a valuable piece on the light verse by Stan Smith himself, which before long devours the whole oeuvre.
He is polite and charming about his teachers, an agreeable trait from my point of view; he is consistent over the time-span of these pieces, remarkable given that much is aphoristic in the tradition of inconsistent architectural chat; and, after nearly 40 years he still wants to be a roadie for the Stones.
Perhaps inspired by her subject matter, Price has a gift for the aphoristic turn of phrase, as when, in her third chapter's discussion of George Eliot's anthologizers, she notes that Eliot's "protests against sententiousness are undercut more subtly by their own sententious form" (132).
This anthology draws together an eclectic collection of poems, essays, stories, and aphoristic reflections created by young women in a Los Angeles program that matches mentors with would-be authors.