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Apical Medical Solutions-Taking Medical Care in Mississippi to a New Level
Apical Technology is a machine learning system based on a combination of information theory with modified off-the- shelf AI techniques.
Conclusion: The study shows that sodium phenytoin exerts an inhibitory effect on the apical ectodermal ridges of developing limbs evident by the decreased number of mitoses in the AER of wing buds of experimental chick embryos making it a potential target site for limb teratogenicity associated with its maternal intake during pregnancy.
Blade of paramere with small apical spine and with broadapex, inner margin not as above, upper outer margin smooth; posterior margin of 1stgonocoxae not as above; spermathecal bulb with more than two processes .
Stem cells apical papilla (SCAP) and Hertwig epithelial root sheath cells have a significant role in increasing root length and the root apex formation (13).
3 In about 90 percent of the cases, a well-defined radiolucency at the apical area of an untreated asymptomatic tooth with a non-vital or diseased pulp is either a dental granuloma or a radicular cyst.
It was only when the nonsurgical method failed, the surgical procedure was performed to treat peri apical abscess.
Others have divided AHCM into two groups based on whether they had isolated asymmetric apical hypertrophy (pure AHCM) or had co-existent hypertrophy of the interventricular septum (mixed AHCM).
After setting, the mounted specimen was stabilized to a metallic base in a low speed diamond saw (Model 650, SBT South Bay Technology Inc, Arlington, VA, USA), and was sectioned to cervical and apical specimens to yield twenty segments for each group (n=20) (Fig.
Table 1--Survival percentage (SUR), rooting percentage (ROO), average number of shoots per cutting (NS), number of leaves per shoot (NL), length of shoots (LS), dry mass of shoots (DMS), and dry mass of roots (DMR) of Lippia insignis Moldenke, Lippia lasiocalycina Cham, and Lippia thymoides Martius & Schauer, obtained from apical and medial cuttings at Feira de Santana, Bahia, UEFS, 2013.
Cambridge-based ARM has bought Apical for $350 million, and it says the deal will help it to accelerate its own development into connected vehicles, robotics, smart cities, security systems and Internet of Things devices.