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Table-1 also shows frequency of the apical foramen in the mesial and distal roots of mandibular first molars.
Sometimes, I want to thwart apical dominance--to get a stem to grow side branches, for instance.
In this study 20% sodium phosphate dibasic solution was used as liquid to determine the effect on apical sealing ability of WMTA.
Sixteen patients with chronic apical periodontitis (six men and ten women; age range 41-69 years, mean age=58.42[+ or -]2.25 years) participated in the study.
Apicectomia de las muestras: se realizo el corte de los 3 milimetros del tercio apical de las raices con una fresa zecrya y contrangulo (NSK) a un angulo de 90[grados].
The smear scores for each group were recorded and statistically analyzed both in general and for the apical, middle, and coronal one-thirds.
In this study, apical section of all the groups showed either no voids or lesser area of voids as compared to middle and coronal section due to the close and maximal fit of the single gutta-percha master cone apically.
2F) reaching beyond second endopodal segment, 6) P4ENP3 about 1.5 times as long as wide, inner apical spine (arrow in Fig.
The flagship products provided by Apical is Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR) testing for treating infections of all types more timely, efficiently and accurately.
Apical Technology is a machine learning system based on a combination of information theory with modified off-the- shelf AI techniques.