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The distribution of muscle fiber bundles and hemolymph sinuses illustrated a tendency of reduction from the marginal zone to the apical zone (Fig.
2 & 8) is an apical process on the embolic division of the genital bulb.
A series of articles by Philipson (1946, 1947a, 1947b, 1947c, 1948) compared histogenetic changes of the apical meristem, based on histological sections, during inflorescence onset and flower initiation in several taxa of Asteraceae, plus taxa of adjacent families Valerianaceae and Dipsacaceae.
The first Tend products and services powered by Apical ART are launched today.
The relative size and number of spurs tends to be most stable in the apical and primary rows and most variable in the lateral and tertiary rows.
Apical works primarily with OEMs and semiconductor manufacturers for whom imaging capture and display are critical components.
FI and FII yellowish, annulated with medium brown; TI and II reddish brown annulated with yellowish brown; TI with two same-sized apical spurs; TII with two inner apical spurs and one outer, same-sized; FIII light brown with several dark and reddish brown stripes and spots on inner face, apical part dark brown; outer face light brown with medium brown maculae and several diagonal stripes, apical part medium brown (Fig.
Apical ballooning syndrome: A mimic of acute myocardial infarction.
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy or transient left ventricular apical ballooning syndrome: a systematic review.
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the coronal microleakage of the apical segment of root-canal filing materials after post space preparation and placement of an MTA layer on the remaining gutta-percha or filling the root canal with only MTA or gutta-percha to prevent coronal microleakage.
Fifteen cases of normal bladder epithelium (n = 15) demonstrated weak immunoreactivity for CD24 with well-confined localization in the apical cytoplasm or apical membranes (Figure 1, A through G, and Table 1).
This correlation is seen for both apical and lateral branch arrays, arguing in favor of the suggestion that both branch morphologies are regulated by related mechanisms.