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A primary purpose of this technique is to minimize or eliminate the amount of necrotic debris that could be extruded through the apical foramen during instrumentation.
The accuracy of an EAL is routinely assessed by measuring the distance from the file tip to three different reference points; apical foramen, apical constriction or radiographic apex.
68 mm of the main apical foramen, and these limits are in conformity with what are considered to be adequate limits in literature.
Therefore, these methods for root canal measurement do not allow precise localization of apical constriction and CDJ and do not guarantee that instrumentation beyond the apical foramen will be avoided.
Ex vivo evaluation of the capacity of the Tri Auto ZX to locate the apical foramen during root canal retreatment.
Complete filling of the root canals was checked by having the solution overflow through the apical foramen and flow back through the root canal opening.
They are aimed to locate the apical constriction, cementoenamel junction or the apical foramen.
A thin layer of black nail polish (Colorama, Sao Paulo, Brazil) was applied on the mesial roots of all specimens both to prevent resin leakage through the apical foramen and to improve contrast during specimen visualization.
Recognition of unusual canal configurations and variations are paramount because it has been established that the root with a single tapering canal and the apical foramen is the exception rather than rule.
The exclusion criteria were medically compromised patients, teeth without occlusal contact, mobility greater than grade 1, teeth in which instruments had been used beyond the apical foramen during root canal preparation, patients who had used preoperative antibiotics or analgesics during past 24 hours, teeth previously treated with root canal treatment.
14) Conversely, one disadvantage of this method is related to the difficulties involved in locating the apical foramen and the apical constriction.
The working length was defined to be 1mm short of the apical foramen determined by inserting a size #15 K-file into the canal until the tip of the file was just visible at the apical foramen.