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58, bp) broad basally and in region of first bend, then narrowed to apex, markedly narrowed in apical third (viewed dorsally); apical section (Figs 58, 61, bp) broad basally, sclerotised area extensive, abruptly narrowed towards apex, basal section with membranous window, with one narrow, but strong, straight, ventrally directed lateral spine (arrowed on Fig.
3:1), widest near apical third, basal margin slightly roundly convex, apical margin concave medially, median disk distinctly depressed, median carina with basal half obsolete, lateral margins strongly foliate.
Aedeagus tubular, elongate and beyond end of genital styles, distinctly sinuate, expanded in apical half, apical third fissured at ventral side (Figs.
Median lobe of aedeagus narrowed apically, lateral margin weakly arcuated; basal region of parameres broad, narrowed apically, apical third constricted, slightly longer than median lobe, four setae present with two at apex (Figs.
Forewings broadest at apical third, rounded at apex, with 4-5 subapical cells and 8-9 apical cells, hyaline, sometimes with an oblique band or ocellated stripe.
Dorsal coloration: head black; antennal segments I-III black, IV dark reddish brown; pronotum black with wide shiny orange transverse fascia across callar region; scutellum, clavus, connexivum, and dorsal abdominal segments black; corium yellow with black triangular mark at inner third of apical margin, near claval commissure; hemelytral membrane black with apical third yellow.
The apical thirds of the root canals were prepared up to file #40 using the step-back technique.