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In particular megachilid bees showed fairly distinct phenologies consistent with temporal niche separation; Osmia lignaria was collected primarily in the early-season, Anthidium maculosum was most abundant in the mid-season, and Megachile apicalis was a distinctly late-season species (Fig.
Argia apicalis adults were collected using aerial nets in May through Sep 2013 and 2014 from 10 localities in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Oklahoma (Table 1).
Described a new recorded family Diopsidae of (Order Diptera) with its species Diopsis apicalis in Egypt.
We explored this problem in Calathea ovandensis by setting the dispersal distances for all ant species other than Pachycondyla apicalis to zero and recalculating [c.
Abstract: Response of Heterorhabditis amazonensis RSC5 to compounds released by different host insects and its virulence level to several insect hosts like Galleria mellonella, Mycotretus apicalis and Tenebrio molitor were evaluated in this study, and compared with other entomopathogenic nematode species like Steinernema carpocapsae All and Steinernema riobrave 355.
Family/Species Adult Nymph CALOPTERYGIDAE Calopteryx maculata x LESTIDAE Lestes rectangularis x x Lestes unguiculatus x Lestes disjunctus x x COENAGRIONIDAE Argia apicalis x Argia tibialis x Argia sedula x x Enallagma signatum x x Enallagma civile x x Enallagma basidens x x Ischnura posita x x Ischnura hastata x x Ischnura verticalis x Table 3.
Al mismo tiempo se citan por primera vez para la provincia de Buenos Aires Eupelops apicalis (Hammer) y Acrotritia peruensis (Hammer), citadas previamente en Argentina para la provincia de Rio Negro, en Bariloche y El Bolson, respectivamente
Becker, 1909 Melanostoma subbituberculatum + + Wakkie (2011) Kassebeer, 2000 Mesembrius capensis + + (Macquart, 1842) Mesembrius minor + + (Bezzi, 1915) Mesembrius regulus + + Dirickx (1998) (Hull, 1937) Mesembrius strigilatus + + (Bezzi, 1912) Microdon apis Speiser, 1913 + + Dirickx (1998) Microdon erythros Bezzi, 1908 + + Dirickx (1998) Microdon liberiensis + + Dirickx (1998) Curran, 1929 Ornidia obesa + + (Fabricius, 1775) Paragus apicalis + + Kassebeer (1998) Kassebeer, 1998 Paragus borbonicus + + + Dirickx (1998) Macquart, 1842 Paragus boyesi cf.
rugopygus Hempstead Cartwright (1974) (Cartwright) Ataenius apicalis Columbia, Jackson, Cartwright (1974); Hinton Ouachita, Pulaski, present study Stuttgart, Washington A.
1960), the species name became a junior secondary homonym of Labena apicalis (Cresson, 1864), and it was replaced with L.
Raton arrozalero cabezudo Allen, 1901) 139 Hylaeamys yunganus (Thomas, Raton arrozalero de la yungas 1902) 140 Ichthyomys stolzmanni Thomas, Rata pescadora 1893 141 Lenoxus apicalis (J.