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Tenth tergite weakly produced, apically truncate, with a minute apical notch; cercus cylindrical, straight along 4/5 of its length, with distal fifth curving medially, apically rounded, armed at pre-apical medial margin with a moderately developed medially-directed tooth, and with medial face at base of hook forming a dorsoventrally flattened expanded flange (Figs 16A, 26); subgenital plate spatulate with a well-developed medial keel at basal half, upcurved distally beyond cerci to or above level of dorsal margin of tergite X, distally narrowing, apex with a narrow U-shaped emargination generating two narrow pseudostyles (Fig.
Fixed cheliceral finger slightly curved dorsally with a cupped mesoventral groove apically.
cuneate basally, acuminate apically, margins entire, the median ones
Maxillae dark brown with dense black scopulae, forwardly directed gray long hairs on more than half of anterior portion, distinctly longer than wide, outer lateral margin rounded without constriction, narrow basally, broad apically.
Aedeagus with pair of long (2/3 aedeagal length) and narrow ventral hooks, apically acuminate.
25x as long as 2nd and 4th pairs, which are very strongly developed and apically globular with vertical ridges (Fig.
Legs: Coxae yellow, femora uniformly yellow or with reddish apex; tibiae uniformly yellow or with base reddish; tarsi yellow with segment III apically and claws dark brown to black.
Teeth were dried and under efficient light condition, caries presence was examined with the help of dental explorer tip over the grooves looking for stickness, avoiding apically directed forces.
Palatogingival groove or Radicular Lingual Groove (RLG) is a developmental anomaly in which an infolding of the inner enamel epithelium and Hertwig's epithelial root sheath create a groove that passes from the cingulum of maxillary incisors apically onto the root.
apically sericeous with 10-12 celled uniseriate trichomes, internodes 0.
squarrosa) and corollas with widely spreading lobes (versus lobes erect and appressed, apically cucculate).