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An older, secondary meaning of aplomb is the "perpendicular, or vertical, position.
With deadpan aplomb she explores the celebrity identities people adopt--from Elvis impersonators to karaoke singers--in her 50-minute Faker.
From coping with a hysterectomy, to fondly recalling distant memories, to the luxurious yet tawdry experience of reading "bodice ripper" romances and more, Peeking Over the Edge offers a candid glimpse of the simple moments in life, and the relish of adapting to new changes with aplomb.
Written by Plautus and translated with commentary by John Henderson (Professor of Classics at the University of Cambridge, Kings College), Asinaria: The One about the Asses provides the Latin text of Plautus' ancient and humorous Roman play, an English translation that superbly captures the raunchy and droll wit of the original, and an in-depth explanatory commentary that entertains with aplomb as surely as it enlightens in a scholarly context.
Likewise, the rest of the cast lunges into the material with similar aplomb.
Enticing fretful bag ladies beyond the unprepossessing frontage up to a luminous haven of luxury leather goods was Heatherwick's principal design challenge, and he has risen to the occasion with characteristic aplomb.
The two Karens tackle these "delicate" topics and many others essential to the black experience with aplomb and give their readers practical tips to handle almost any difficult situation.
Simple Remote Real Estate Software can help even the busiest real estate professional manage real estate transactions with ease and aplomb.
With five cylinders and 168 horses kicking, the compact Volvo S40 handles the quirks of Los Angeles driving with aplomb.
A key figure in the history of the medium, he took it up in the late '60s with particularly innovative aplomb, often exploiting its disturbing potential to depict both psychic and physical milieus in real time.
Unfortunately, attempts to debunk myths often direct more attention to subjects or reinforce notions that ought to be scrapped or handled with great aplomb.
The victory was confirmed when Conlon firstly finished with aplomb from the edge of the area to make it 2-0 in the 80th minute, and then latched on to Neil Teggart's through-ball late on to prod home from close range.