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"When Britannia ran into a Force 9 gale two days out of Bermuda, en route to Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, the Queen exhibited great aplomb at dinner when most of the party, including her husband, were ashen-faced.
Streamline Jam, PS1.45, 10p goes to Breast Cancer Care It's a brave brand that links strawberry jam with any illness, but they do it with aplomb. Streamline is low sugar jam so health is a key message.
| Taylor Swift pulled off elegant, above, and edgy, left, with equal aplomb this week | Taylor Swift pulled off elegant, above, and edgy, left, with equal aplomb this week
"Cultured left foot", "if anything he hit it too well" and my favourite "finished with aplomb." (Even if you said "aplomb" to Stephen Fry he'd ask if you were having a stroke.) But this summer (sorry "this corridor of uncertainty") has been dominated by another nonsensical phrase: "They haven't submitted a formal transfer request".
Jim Goodwin 6 Patrolled midfield with his usual aplomb.
And after 80 minutes it was a halfchance taken with aplomb that won the tie when Watkins reacted to a loose ball and buried a ferocious left-footed effort low into the corner from 18 yards.
Pulling off the balancing act between raw power and catchy accessibility with aplomb, this is a brilliant effort from a hot young talent.
Gentle and folky, Molasses Creek is one of those bands that drip with a sort of warm Americana - vibrant fiddles, charming, sometimes jokey lyrics sung to a knee-slapping beat and delivered with aplomb and finesse.
Having scored readily on fast ground at this venue earlier in the month, the 10-11 favourite handled testing conditions with aplomb under Louis-Philippe Beuzelin.
One such word is aplomb, as in: "The .280 Remington slays deer with aplomb."
This ethereal and uplifting work from 1952 was performed with skill and theatrical aplomb by PARTCH, the Los Angeles-residing music ensemble specializing in the work of Harry Partch and other microtonal composers.