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An older, secondary meaning of aplomb is the "perpendicular, or vertical, position.
With five cylinders and 168 horses kicking, the compact Volvo S40 handles the quirks of Los Angeles driving with aplomb.
The stand-out track has to be You're So Good, which is penned by the gorgeous Tabitha and sung with perfect Nico aplomb.
1) The strength of McDonagh's work is that it manages both careful historical research and insightful textual readings with equal aplomb.
Unfortunately, attempts to debunk myths often direct more attention to subjects or reinforce notions that ought to be scrapped or handled with great aplomb.
The awards list continued on to include: Rick Mercer for the Sir Peter Ustinov Comedy Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award for Sir David Attenborongh, the Outstanding Achievement Award/CFT Fellowship Prize went to writer Karen Walton, and accepting the Award for ACTRA having existed for 60 years was Don McKellar who said, with his trademark aplomb, "I'd like to thank the Banff Television Foundation for giving a Canadian actor a small part to play in a festival celebrating American television.
Despite suffering from multiple sclerosis, Dippel has handled both roles with aplomb while touching the lives of thousands of young men and women.
A steel-hearted thief with the figure and conscience of a mannequin, she empties and abandons her employers' hearts and safes with equal aplomb.
He filled this role with characteristic aplomb and good humor for more than a year.
The director and staff at Camp Walden addressed the issues of World War II with aplomb and with a camp philosophy that continues to have significance for today.
Men are scum" is the least controversial thing one can utter in this carefully monitored era of thought control, and columnists writing "Stupid Man Tricks" ridicule the brutish gender with aplomb.
The youngster led the side with aplomb and had a 100% record with his kicks - three conversions and a penalty.