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He, Gerbel, would have found it impertinent to dismiss as apocryphal a book which so many church fathers had approved.
The Ranger Ideal Volume 1 draws upon primary sources and secondary sources known for their veracity, and does not include apocryphal stories with little or no supporting evidence.
The object of this study is 'the medieval reception of the apocryphal Christ Child and the relationship of the apocryphal legends to other roughly contemporary sources' (p.
This jolt of color effects the estrangement typically lent by historical distance, fostering a reading of the objects as apocryphal artifacts that must be negotiated within the Zen garden's purposefully ahistorical terrain.
The editors are accepting submissions in a variety of topics that may include Borges's iconography, his presence in television, comics, films, newspapers, publicity, magazines and new media formats, the circulation of apocryphal texts, Borges and popular music.
As for the 40-kilometer line, news agency reports from Iraq have spoken of Iraqi troops and militias being engaged with forces of the Islamic State as close as 25 kilometers from the border without triggering any Iranian troop response, which made Pourdastan's proclamation sound apocryphal.
The first part of the book groups five papers under the heading "The Apocryphal Acts," referring to the so-called apocryphal Acts of the Apostles.
The Flemish panel, dated around 1520 and painted by Antwerp Mannerist Jan de Beer, depicts the unusual Nativity at Night on one side and on the other the Apocryphal tale of Joseph and the Suitors.
ONE of my favourite, apocryphal, penalty tales has sadly passed into the realms of urban myth.
The tale of the prophet Isaiah; the destiny and meanings of an apocryphal text.
"I want to believe that this pamphlet is apocryphal," he told journalists.
From the title of this essay, which includes the phrase "apocryphal elements," it is clear that the starting point for this discussion is Christian scholarship on the Bible and the Qur'an.