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Vincent Giraudet, "Virginity at Stake: Greek Novels, Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles, and the Dionysiaca of Nonnus Panopolitanus" (49-64) studies parallel scenes involving a snake that protects the virginity of a heroine in Nonnus' Dionysiaca (35.
To lend credibility to this apocryphal pamphlet is to question our sincere willingness to tread the difficult road which will lead us out of war," the FARC leadership said.
The following are well-known examples of extra-biblical elements that are known from apocryphal or aggadic sources and that also appear in the Qur'an: (1) Throughout the Qur'an, (8) Noah is presented as one who preached repentance to his contemporaries.
Brian Murdoch's book, The Apocryphal Adam and Eve in Medieval Europe, marks the latest in his over forty-year interest in the medieval popular Bible and interpretations of Adam and Eve.
John Wesley, preaching in Golcar, is said to have described its women as 'lilies' compared to heathen rabble in other villages, but this tale is probably apocryphal.
In addition there are relevant quotations from Josephus and Tacitus and appendices giving examples of an apocryphal text, chronologies and a glossary.
The Infancy Gospels of Jesus: Apocryphal Tales from the Childhoods of Mary and Jesus Annotated & Explained" explores the three principal infancy gospels, fictionalized accounts of the early life of the Virgin Mother and Jesus.
So, despite the pictures painted of old people who must choose between eating and heating, I've come to the conclusion they're as apocryphal as the children said to exist in direst poverty in Britain.
The title and cover of a stylised bird denote the span and importance of bird and flight imagery in this apocryphal novel.
John Major was damned by an apocryphal story that he wore his shirt tucked in his underpants and ate peas with his knife, Menzies Campbell because he was said to wear sock suspenders.
The story may be apocryphal, she acknowledges, "but many female industry players suspect that's what a chunk of male studio execs secretly think anyway.
Lutherans generally pay too little attention to the apocryphal literature, even though Luther included the books in his complete German translation.