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Moreover, Henry Fielding mocked in print the pretensions of women to classical learning, and apocryphally is said to have "teize[d] and taunt[ed]" Sarah for her efforts to improve her knowledge of the classics (381).
A recovery failure ratio of 70% is a recurring statistic apocryphally attributed to "analyst research.
1) Throughout, the Justices largely sat silent, leading Chief Justice Marshall to quip, perhaps apocryphally, that the "acme of judicial distinction means the ability to look a lawyer straight in the eye for two hours and not hear a damned word he says.
Asked how he could accept the resurrection of Christ, he apocryphally replied: "Credo quia absurdum" (l believe it because it is absurd).
Nor should it be confused with "bomb them back to the Stone Age" efforts apocryphally attributed to Vietnam-era strategies.
80) Jonson clearly had read in the original Greek these somewhat mysterious syncretic texts, apocryphally assigned to "Orpheus.
Meyer Amschel Rothschild, the founding father of one of the world's most powerful financial dynasties, has been quoted, perhaps apocryphally, as having said:
No less than the duke of Edinburgh apocryphally referred to Canberra as "a city without a soul.
The finale is the dropping of banners on which are printed dramaturgical info about the biblical sources of the characters' names: Daniel, whose experience in the lion's den is supposedly retroactively relevant, and Michael, the archangel, apocryphally co-opted by the devil, who called upon Daniel to stand up.
Aside from the twin romances are the two Europeans: the apocryphally mad Hermes, whom the park reminds of the psychiatric hospital courtyard in France; and the disoriented Celeste, who cannot escape her memories of Italy as she sees a nude woman in a window across from the park.
end of the millennium), "You see, the end of the world has been brought about by self-refuting relativists", an unpublished, unwritten, apocryphally apocalyptic paper.
4) Gorgias is, probably apocryphally, reported to have said of Plato's dialogue Gorgias, [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (H.