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He is apodeictic about the indispensability of this open-ended perspective on the law for deciphering the complex ambiguities of Florentine society.
55) See 24:149, LL 117-8: "However certain it is that a circle has 360[degrees], however apodeictic the Platonic theorems in geometry are, still no one would want to die for their infallibility and irrefutability.
80) As Kant wrote in his "Metaphysical Foundations for Natural Science", "Only that whose certainty is apodeictic can be called science proper" 4; (Ak 4:468).
4) The York 'Entry' depicts lyrical responses to the miraculous that are quite similar to those in the biblical plays of Thomas, in which Chester Scoville, in Saints and Audience in Middle English Biblical Drama (Toronto, 2004), identifies, in the miraculous presence of the risen Christ, 'an incarnational kind of rhetoric: one based upon a pathetic response to apodeictic proof of corporeality' (28).
95--In the introductory first chapter the author states his conviction that Aristotle's theory of learning, at the center of which stands the apodeictic syllogism, is inadequate because partial.
The judgment of the concept includes three types of judgment: assertoric, problematic, and apodeictic.
27) It undertakes to discount that scientific knowledge should be apodeictic knowledge.