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Like the oaths, curses are also generally formulated as conditional statements, but they have fully stated apodoses. The most common type of protasis is what Sandowicz calls an abbreviated protasis (it is actually a relative clause), such as "whoever changes this agreement" (sa dababa anna usannu/isnu).
Therefore, the fact that will is preferred in conditional protases and shall in conditional apodoses is not simply due to chance.
A particular characteristic of speech-act conditionals is that they permit apodoses with nondeclarative sentence structure.
The hermeneutical techniques used in the commentaries have their roots in and were inspired by the methods used in second-millennium bilingual lexical and literary texts as well as omen texts, which often forged connections between protases and apodoses "through etymology, etymography, mythological and symbolic association, indigenous conceptions of the laws of nature and culture, and many other principles that vary in the different branches of Mesopotamian divination." (14) These traditional interpretive methods may be observed already in the exposition of Marduk's names in Emma elis, (15) which probably dates to the Middle Babylonian period.
She comments that (a) such examples "are interesting in that the relevance of their apodoses can only be explained through elements of meaning which are not expressed on the surface" (1988: 118), (b) "in such (very specific) cases the scope of even is not the sentence as a whole, but the surface protasis with its underlying continuation" (1988: 118), and (c) such sentences "cannot function in the same way if the order of their clauses is reversed -- apparently because their apodoses can only be considered relevant in relation to what comes in the scope of even" (1988: 119).
As is the case throughout Enuma Anu Enlil, the apodoses of the omens concern the king and the country as a whole rather than individuals.
The appearance of the sun and moon in relation to each other are not this regular, and Esarhaddon certainly had to deal with the negative apodoses of such inauspicious phenomena on many occasions.
This claim clearly clashes with the piqatlmidde conditional construction, in which all apodoses are either precative or imperative (or their negative counterparts), and in which likelihood is neutral, i.e., unspecified.
On the basis of this definition it is not clear why conditionals introduced by= or are considered subordinated here; both can stand on their own without: apodoses. It is also puzzling- why Moshavi thinks prepositions can take clauses as complements (p.
(10) The parallel apodoses (see appendix) give hints that the reverse of KUB 4.53 may preserve at least one textual tradition behind Summa alu 94 (and perhaps Sakikku 25).
A homosexual orientation is not presupposed by the omen apodoses; if it were, such propitious omens could be read as a general invitation to any male person to become gay!
Chapter 3 discusses protases and apodoses in a general way, before giving a complete list of apodoses attested in the Alamdimmu series.