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His discovery near the end of the editing of a part of the apograph gave him a unique opportunity to check his restored readings of a portion of MY that had been damaged: "not one of the restitutions proposed by myself or by friends--stylistically plausible as the restitutions seemed--was confirmed by the discovery of the apograph" (p.
An alternate theory for its place in the stemma would be as a descendant of the posited intermediary between the first family and the second and third families, but we would have to infer an additional apograph to account for the contamination of its reading in example 2.
36] This fragment first appeared in the Ricci apograph, a manuscript compiled almost entirely by a grandson of Machiavelli, Giuliano de' Ricci.
In the Ricci apograph the expression "piena la fica" was altered at some point: "Piena" has a line drawn through it and "la fica" has be en scratched out (BCNF, fol.
The inscription is recorded with variations in a fragmentary fifteenth-century apograph of Cyriacus's letters dating from the 1440s now in Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale, Cod.