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Sheed's characteristic lucidity, then, is not just a matter of literary style; it arises also as a result of his apologetical system, which is interesting in itself.
It appears, again, in Every Man in His Humour, in Sir Giles Goosecap, and in the apologetical dialogue to Poetaster.
Finally, Sidney Griffith brings to light an important early Chalcedonian, or "Melkite," Arabic apologetical text even as he reflects more broadly on the origins of Christian theology in Arabic.
The result is that the church's official statements are mostly apologetical in favour of the ruling system.
I discovered in Tonsor's classes the seminal apologetical notion that Christianity affords the fullest and most satisfying explanation of reality, time, and life.
And, to understand, it is preferable to know theology rather than just the typical apologetical literature.
An apologetical confession of love by the subject/speaker intended to protect his image from any potential detractor of Britney Spears: 'what happens is that love is so blind that it makes you fall in love with somebody like Britney Spears')
This novel experience elicited several readings, from Riva Aguero's apologetical one to the critical of Manategui.
How would the reading public react if a beloved, widely read American author--a poetic commentator on art, love, and history, with a world reputation and a Nobel Prize--were to publish a long apologetical essay ascribing virtually all of his creative inspiration to the successful struggle of the free world against Communism?
A small group of Covenant hard-liners known as the Cameronians - named after the Fife-born rebel Richard Cameron, executed after challenging Charles in 1680 - published an Apologetical Declaration declaring war on the enemies of God and the Covenant.
1820', that Wilson examines the apologetical background of Anglican chant more fully, using an extensive array of references to books, tracts, newspapers, rubrical/liturgical documents, and occasional papers.
Certainly, Daniel writes, there are irreducible differences between Islamic and Christian doctrines in some areas, but nevertheless apologetical approaches of medieval Christianity to oppose Muslims and their beliefs must be discarded.