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Sheed's characteristic lucidity, then, is not just a matter of literary style; it arises also as a result of his apologetical system, which is interesting in itself.
It is for this second group of weak minds that Descartes intends his apologetical rhetoric; it needs to be persuaded both that the regnant scholasticism is an impediment to achieving salvation and that the promise of divine reward sanctions the project of scientific mastery.
Crosby depended on the historical and apologetical work of the Presbyterian James Peirce (1674-1726), the controversial minister in Exeter whose later heterodoxy prompted his ejection.
(5.3.132-39) This may be disingenuous, of course, given Jonson's own depiction of Crispinus and Demetrius in Poetaster: nevertheless, Virgil is making precisely the point that Jonson frequently set forward directly and in his own voice, as in the Epistle to Volpone, for example, or in the "Apologetical Dialogue" appended to the Folio text of Poetaster.
(10) William Scot (David Laing, ed.), An Apologetical Narration of
Once in Hubmaier's hands, these patristic sources functioned as historical and apologetical witnesses to the post-apostolic survival of doctrines such as believer's baptism and the freedom of the will.
Clearly, Christian thought has once again been somewhat manhandled to serve an apologetical purpose.
Like Pseudo-Methodius, Revelations is an apocalyptic text with apologetical concerns that reflects the pressures of Islamic rule.
McBrien for illuminating the distinction between "apologetical" and "eschatological" in understanding the marks of the church.
The result is that the church's official statements are mostly apologetical in favour of the ruling system.
And, to understand, it is preferable to know theology rather than just the typical apologetical literature.