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My hair was quite long till yesterday, when I cut it off; but I dare say it will grow again very soon," she added apologetically, thinking it probable the gypsies had a strong prejudice in favor of long hair.
There's never been a wedding in this house," she said, half apologetically, to Mrs.
It worries her, too, 'cause she can't seem ter be glad--maybe you don't know about her game, though," broke off Nancy, apologetically.
And then, taking his round head in her arms as Gwyn mumbled apologetically, she'd say, "It'sa all right my darrrling.
And I think by that she meant, don't sort of go in apologetically.
Your act proves humanity still exists," wrote one person on social media, while another added apologetically, "You deserve a big salute, sister, but sorry to say we Keralites are self-centred people".
Depending on whether you view the selection as a sad indictment that we have to select a virtually first XI to beat modest opposition, or a welcome return to actually caring about the world's most prestigious domestic cup competition, the fact is that we got the job done against Luton, and - apologetically dipping into clicheland - winning is a good habit.
Many parts of Liverpool still bear the scars from the Second World War; once grand streets with gaping holes, or filled with cheap low rise buildings, standing apologetically against their grand Victorian neighbours.
The diet has me sacrificing a lot" I began apologetically but she interjected me with a quick smile and pledged her support to my cause.
Last week, we were in those two seats when, at the last minute, a very, very large but pleasant chap smiled apologetically and said: "I'm the window seat.
I'm sorry, I have to say I haven't heard of him," said Matip apologetically.
Seeming completely mortified, Watson quickly grabbed at her phone and apologetically turned off the ringer.