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cried Aramis, from whose usually mild eye a flash passed like lightning.
Porthos, you are as vain as Narcissus; I plainly tell you so," replied Aramis.
On perceiving him, Aramis had colored, then he had concentrated under his eyelids the fire of the look of the master, and the indefinable affection of the friend.
He is eager to join us and embrace us, is that dear Aramis.
Aramis was not the man to seek for a useless popularity.
Ten minutes after the two friends had passed the threshold of the palace, Aramis returned like a triumphant conqueror; the soldiers presented arms to him as to a superior; the citizens bowed to him as to a friend and a patron, rather than as a head of the Church.
said he, "Porthos has got fat; but Aramis is grown taller.
The countenance of Aramis darkened as the young man continued: "Light I have
then you know something," said Aramis, who thought he had pierced not merely through a defect in the harness, but through the joints of it.
Ambition," replied Aramis, "is the feeling which prompts a man to desire more - much more - than he possesses.
An ambitious man," said Aramis, "is one who covets that which is beyond his station.
But to look at the kindling eye, the knitted brow, and the reflective attitude of the captive, it was evident that he expected something more than silence, - a silence which Aramis now broke.