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The study also examines Sheed's apologetical writings and analyses his apologetics, comparing it with the apologetics of the Guild.
The upshot of historical study is that at its best, apologetics is sensitive to and grows out of its intellectual milieu.
The subsequent four chapters enumerate and discuss various rhetorical elements in late fourth and early fifth century Christian apologetics.
While there are no endnotes and the book lacks an extensive bibliography, a short "for further study" section directs the reader to other books that deal with Christian apologetics.
Modern apologetics held that the other (that is public discourse generally speaking) demanded that I establish the rationality of my beliefs.
I will admit that I do not lead a Catholic apologetics and evangelization organization, so I may lack some of Mr.
Apologetics involves (as the author suggests) not only engaging the validity of doctrinal claims, but also laying the ground for faith.
In conversation with the Record, Stackhouse explains that his book is "for thoughtful people who want to defend and commend their faith to others but who are uncomfortable with one mode of apologetics; namely, apologetics as martial arts.
Momus christianus': altre fonti albertiane" shifts the focus from Plato to the Christian apologetics of Tertullian and Lactantius.
The trick for wise policymakers reading North Korea: Another Country is to look past the apologetics in order to glean valuable insights that can't be found in memos from administration hawks who make ignorance about the world a virtue.
Yet as Peyser demonstrates, rather than developing an informed take on important contemporary events, Hardt and Negri rely on "loopy 1960s utopianism, apologetics for the Soviet Union, paranoia.