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And now you are assembled, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, "permit me to offer you my apologies.
She took no notice of the unswept condition of the rooms and indulged in no explanations nor apologies.
He had come to offer apologies for his rudeness of the morning, and after a long private interview with Sir Henry in his study the upshot of their conversation was that the breach is quite healed, and that we are to dine at Merripit House next Friday as a sign of it.
I owe you a thousand apologies for having doubted your ability.
Tilney, I have been quite wild to speak to you, and make my apologies.
I offer no apologies for any departures from the usual style of travel- writing that may be charged against me--for I think I have seen with impartial eyes, and I am sure I have written at least honestly, whether wisely or not.
And now it only remains for me to offer apologies for my blunt way of writing.
It was that which rankled with Philip: he could not bear the humiliation of apologies, which were wrung from him by pain greater than he could bear.
Batterbury, giving me Annabella's love and apologies for not being able to come and see me.
He will come to-morrow," she thought; "and we shall both make apologies.
Some hours before the guests were expected, Isabel arrived alone at the farm, bearing the apologies of unfortunate Miss Pink, still kept a prisoner in her bed-chamber by the asthma.
She always besieged the bench with voluble excuses, explanations, apologies and prayers.