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It will be absurd to call senators as apologists,' he added.
A: The call to be an apologist is from God, to God, and for God; it involves a focus on Bible study, prayer, and reading on issues relating to real life.
And his remorselessly remorseful actions seem to tap into a new mood of international diplomacy - so much so that he is appointed Chief Apologist to the UN.
But we are our company's conscience--the apologist for stakeholders who do not have a voice and the sober second thought.
The apologist aims to reassure believers that modern doubts are wrong, that ancient supernaturalism is true, and that all is well inside the Amish Paradise.
From the formidable, witty, quintessentially aristocratic Marquise du Deffand, the unconventional and independent Dutch-born Madame de Charriere, the passionately revolutionary Manon Roland, the peaceful Madame de Remusat, on to the women who defied society's anathema against women writers and righters in the 19th century, Germaine de Stael, George Sand, and the suffragette Hubertine Auclert, and, in a stark contrast, Colette, the apologist of sensual pleasures, opposed to the self-sacrificial social and political activist Simone Weil, and, finally, the acclaimed feminist theorist Simone de Beauvoir, Ozouf produces a rich array of characters, personalities and lives in which to track ways in which French women experienced, conceptualized, and problematized femininity over the centuries.
Pero to be an apologist, ibang level yun,' Trillanes said.
IAMalife-long SNP voter and have just stopped laughing at the risible ramblimgs of our anonymous Labour apologist in the letters page recently.
As a self-proclaimed "evangelical liberal," Fosdick saw himself as an apologist working to make Christianity palpable to individuals living in a modern world.
My claim is simply that everyone, whether he knows it or not, is a proponent of a world view; it follows that everyone will be an apologist (i.