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The same user later sent a tweet to prominent left-wing commentator Owen Jones, accusing him of being a cowardly apologist, with the hashtags "#KillAllMuslims" and "#KillLeftWingTrash".
In a later tweet, also sent to Mr Bryant's senior parliamentary assistant Haydn Belfield, the Twit-ter user added: "That's no idle threat; we've had enough of Muslim vermin and their apologists."
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Pedro de Valencia and the Catholic apologists of the expulsion of the Moriscos; visions of Christianity and kingship.
A: The call to be an apologist is from God, to God, and for God; it involves a focus on Bible study, prayer, and reading on issues relating to real life.
Introducing the reader to an understanding of Narnia from the perspective of Lewis, as well as the untold tale of the famed professor, scholar and Christian apologist, Narnia: C.S.
He uses remarkable and timely insights from both the apostle Paul and the apologist Luther and breathes new life into classic terms like atonement and the doctrine of justification by grace through faith.
The Apologist by Jay Rayner (Atlantic paperback, pounds 7.99).
What we have to be concerned about is getting a straight story from today's newspaper sports section when it sees its role as apologist for sports misdeeds.
My friend Clement Crisp, an apologist for Makarova in the Covent Garden program book, suggests that "the 'original' 1890 text and design did not take fully into account those inevitable developments in training and technique that have supervened after a century." Say you so, Sir?
The achievement of Venetian art needs no apologist, though Rosand writes very well about it.
This 'apologist for Israel' is not too busy hiding a smug or self-satisfied smirk to put pen to paper.