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There is no question of our party apologizing to him.
The solution, I think, is to be unafraid of apologizing and knowing when to.
Apologizing is also necessary for healing of the doctor or nurse who made the error.
President Bill Clinton, visiting Africa, is denounced for apologizing for slavery as 'attacking his own country in a foreign land' and Queen Elizabeth II is faulted on a visit to Pakistan for not apologizing tar the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre of 1919.
The question of apologizing for the consequence of one's actions, yet not for the actions themselves, is a tricky one.
The church officials also sent a written statement to the Huntsville district superintendent of the United Methodist Church apologizing for instructing students to remove signs from private property, which is a misdemeanor.
How come the editor is allowed to assign himself the job of apologizing to Yana, of Cobra Gunskin fame?
Soon folks may be knocking each other down running around the capital apologizing willy nilly into open microphones.
Detroit Lions president--general manager Matt Millen, apologizing December 15 for calling Kansas City Chiefs player Johnnie Morton a "faggot" in front of coaches and other players after the December 14 Chiefs victory aver the Lions
By apologizing, the CEO encourages a culture of openness, which in turn fosters tolerance of dissenting views and encourages employees to be honest as well.
Mahony's apology was seen as especially dramatic because he directly mentioned the Immaculate Heart Sisters, apologizing to women religious "who may have felt slighted, not fully appreciated or discriminated against in any way.