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Still, if one surveys the apophthegms in the Alphabetical Collection, nearly half of those that mention it appear either among Poemen's own sayings or among sayings passed on by Poemen.
In Prayer, Evagrius makes several statements that resonate with the value and function of the cell in the apophthegms.
Bultmann classifies this story as one of biographical apophthegms, which is also "a controversy dialogue of a sort".
It begins sufficiently well, but the author has hardly enunciated his preliminary apophthegms, when he conducts into an obscurity where we can hardly grope our way, and when we emerge from that, it is to be bewildered by his gorgeous but unsubstantial pictures of sagely perfection.
It is only about two-thirds as long as Dryden's version, chiefly because Johnson reduces Juvenal's satirical illustrations to terse, ironic apophthegms.