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Pituitary apoplexy is defined as an acute clinical syndrome characterized with headache, vomiting, loss of vision, ophthalmoplegia and clouding of consciousness.
The mixed signal intensity was thought to be consistent with the symptom of apoplexy indicating intracystic old hemorrhage of RCC.
So thousands boycotted the re-arranged Goodison semi-final between West Germany and Russia, and a banner was held aloft, expressing - in a Father Ted-like manner - their apoplexy.
Meningeal syndrome as manifestation of pituitary apoplexy, prospective analysis of seven cases
For over two years, the wide use of ganglioside injection for the treatment of cerebral apoplexy, child cerebral palsy, dementia and spinal cord injury has further driven the rapid growth of nervous system drugs in hospitals.
Frequent ocurrence of pituitary apoplexy in patients with non-functioning pituitary adenoma.
With everything else covered, my spluttering turned to apoplexy as Frankie Dettori came from last to first to nail BB.
Hypopituitarism follow a smouldering course unless it has onset with pituitary apoplexy hence more likely to be missed.
The light-hearted two minute footage attracted the usual flurry of approval and apoplexy on social media.
Exeter came to Sixways in February and sent Ryan in an apoplexy as they hammered his disinterested team 42-3 in the LV Cup.
The issue was aired in a Parliamentary debate at Westminster last week, inevitably sending Euro-sceptic MPs into apoplexy.
Mike Ashley's reign has seen a number of wrong turns - and some of them have driven their loyal supporters to apoplexy.