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He told the court that he is committed to obeying any order issued by Daesh officials, including the slaughter of apostates and regime supporters among others.
Apostate Englishman: Grey Owl the Writer and the Myths is a book about the internationally infamous English nature writer and conservationist "Grey Owl," who committed cultural apostasy by renouncing his heritage and fraudulently assuming the heritage of Apache ancestry.
The military and security units of the Islamic State of Iraq launched a third blessed wave by striking several criminal strongholds in different areas of Iraq in a well-coordinated way despite all the measures taken by the apostate government," the statement said.
and obvious insult against them would make a Muslim an apostate.
The Muslim Brotherhood broke its pledge not to field a presidential candidate in Egypt when it became clear that a liberal apostate from the group as well as an ultraconservative alternative might garner lots of votes if it didn't.
Blacklisting myself; memoir of a Hollywood apostate in the age of terror.
At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, Barr--once a darling of the Beltway "right"--was treated as an apostate and heretic.
The court of al-Qaida in Iraq has decided to carry out God's verdict against the two diplomats from the apostate Algerian government .
He explained: "Having seen something of the apostate of married deacons, I can foresee the day when there will be married priests.
He takes on the rehabilitation of Nicolas de Harley sieur de Sancy, celebrated as the unregenerate apostate and antagonist of Agrippa d'Aubigne's Confession casholique du Sieur de Sancy, composed around 1600 and later published in 1660.
Parker's theological liberalism and denial of the existence of Christ made it easy for defenders of the revival to attack him as an apostate and ignore the substance of arguments.
In this view, the four subsequent popes have been apostate impostors and "that unfortunate and diabolical Council Vatican II" has spawned a "Church of Satan.