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He is forced at one point to witness his beloved fellow priest Garupe--who would not apostatize to save several Christians from being drowned at sea--himself drown in an effort to keep them from going under.
If you have been reading NCR's other articles on "Silence," or read the novel, or seen the film, you know that Rodrigues, too, apostatizes by stepping on the image of Christ to save the lives of his fellow Christians.
At the core of "Silence" lies a teleological dilemma: What does it mean to apostatize? For those not already versed in the finer points of Christian dogma, "apostasy" is the act by which someone renounces his faith, represented in the particular context of this film by placing one's foot upon a fumi-e--a religious carving of Mary or Jesus.
(3) Many of the same characters and plot elements appear in both plays; for example, chaste Christian lovers whose Muslim masters lust after them, Christian and morisco renegades who abandon Spain for Algiers and become corsairs or assist corsairs in carrying out raids on their homeland; scenes of extreme Muslim cruelty toward captives and attempted escapees; and, most pertinent to this study, two young Spanish brothers who are sold at auction and pressured to apostatize and succumb to the pedophilic lust of their captors.
At least theoretically, he was as much under the rule of the sharia as were his subjects, who were enjoined by Muhammad to "not obey a creature against his creator." Should the ruler violate the sharia or apostatize, he was vulnerable.
Apollyon threatens the pilgrim, commanding him to give Jesus "the slip," to fall away, apostatize, and return to a life of ease and comfort; in other words: give up the life of a pilgrim.
(46) It remains unclear if he paid off the entire debt or convinced the ruler, with his impressive piety, to free the detained Armenians, but according to the scribe he managed to do so with the following words: "And with God's grace let us repay the debt we owe the king, so that we may not apostatize." This statement silenced and stunned the shah and his advisers, who then released the three hundred or so captives who had been waiting to be ransomed.
"The missionaries are questioned, tortured and put to the point where C* should they apostatize? Should they give in?" Scorsese commented.
(27) As the Sabbatian movement grew, the Ottoman authorities noticed it and brought Sabbatai Sevi before the Sultan, whereby he was forced to apostatize to Islam under threat of death.
Shari'a, in theory, provides for the death penalty for Muslims who apostatize; however, the Government has never applied such punishment.
Each has devoted his life to loving God and to loving neighbor, but the Japanese authorities have decided to torture and kill the Christian peasants unless the priests apostatize. If they apostatize, they will fail in their duty to God.