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Negatively, the author threatens the prospect of eternal exclusion from salvation to any members who apostatize.
Before Father Rodrigues makes the decision to apostatize and save those being tortured from their physical pain, Ferreira tells him,
346-47)This is precisely the rumor that James reports hearing against Paul: orthopraxic believers in Jerusalem "have been told about you, that you teach all the Jews who are among the Gentiles to apostatize from Moses (apostasian .
Once Jewish-Christian dialogue has been formally characterized as an invitation, whether explicit or implicit, to apostatize, then Jewish participation becomes untenable," the Jewish Organizations wrote.
Christianity was outlawed and churches were closed and/or desecrated; crucifixes were trampled on; Catholic Mass was forbidden; priests and nuns were butchered, exiled, or forced to apostatize.
In 1789 he contemplated going to Turkey to apostatize to Islam and there "take as many wives as my strength allowed me.
If the authority forces Orthodox believers to apostatize from Christ and his church and to commit sinful and spiritually harmful actions, the church should refuse to obey the state.