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It is difficult to imagine Rodrigues telling himself, after he has apostatized, that he should maintain some hope, be optimistic: Who knows all may be good on a cosmic scale?
Kichijiro has apostatized once already, and he will again before the movie ends, repeatedly betraying his faith and returning to beg forgiveness.
Whoever wears suits with buttons, he has apostatized He has no religion at all, only pride His state is the state of the makers of silver dollars, They are beyond our power to imitate, One who wears shirts with collars, Whoever wears them, his unbelief is wide .
Conclusion: Popes Pius XI, Pius XII, John XXIII, and Paul VI, endeavoured to prevent the spread of the modernistic errors of this pseudo-scholar, who, as he himself confessed in a letter to a priest friend, has apostatized but deliberately remained within the Church to more easily spread his errors {The Strange Faith of Teilhard de Chardin).
One instance offering us a clear understanding is Vincent's discussion of the third-century controversy attending the proposed rebaptism of those who had apostatized from the faith during the persecutions undertaken by the Roman Empire.
Miguel de Barrios followed the false messiah during the era of Shabbetai Tsvi and continued to believe in the prophet after he apostatized in 1666.
Here we delve into the church age comparing the spiritual oxidation of the steel of GOD'S WORD ONLY rejected in the Antediluvian age and then THE TORA ONLY apostatized by Israeli Biblical characters harmonizing with the current New Age Spiritual Formation driven by ancient pagan tradition which since the 17th century has become a scholarly 'Renaissance of Theology.
Francisco laments the loss of his brother, who has clearly apostatized, and blames his tender age: " Oh, tierna edad
And they built a gymnasium in Hierosolyma [Jerusalem] according to the precepts of the nations, and they fashioned foreskins for themselves and apostatized from the holy covenant.
The pervert Macdonald of Boisdale began a campaign to drive the Catholics from his estates unless they apostatized.
Only confessors and those who had not apostatized would be considered in the communion of the Church.
1580-1652), the aged head of the Jesuit mission in Japan, apostatized in Nagasaki after enduring six hours of torture called anazuri [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], or hanging in the pit.