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There is a certain degree of apostatizing schism within the movement, but factionalizing schism has yet to occur.
Without apostatizing Morocco's oral tradition, Lahchiri situates his culture within a transmodern project that yields strategies of growth and creativity in a renewed cultural manifestation that aims at decolo- nialization as well as novelty.
The conjunction of a stubbornly persistent economic recession, an apostatizing statement by a former Federal Reserve chairman claiming that financial markets' ability to self-correct may have been overestimated, and a resurgent interest in progressive social policies has caused scholars across the board to reevaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of the market process.
In this passage, Jane criticizes Northumberland for apostatizing and praises Mary, hopeful for clemency: "The queens majesty is a mercyfull princes; I beseche God she may long contynue, and sende his bountefull grace apon hir.
The Edicts depicted apostatizing conversos as a classic fifth column, bent on subverting the Catholic kingdoms from within.
Assisting the main kufr are Arab "agents," apostatizing Muslims who cooperate with the United States.