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39) When Oblate Superior Blanchin in 1925 discussed the issue of clerical appointments to church works in mixed language parishes with the Canadian Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop Pietro di Maria, the Delegate noted that justice should be the guide.
has been issued by [the] present Mexican government against Archbishop Caruana, Apostolic Delegate to Mexico, is an affront not only to his position as a high church dinatary [sic] but also to his rights as an American citizen.
34] Temple's response was immediate: a letter to the apostolic delegate, which he thought more appropriate than writing directly to the pope, expressing sorrow for the "grievous restrictions" imposed on the pope and assuring him of the archbishop's "profound sympathy and that of multitudes of Englishmen who are not of his obedience.
A copy of the proceedings, signed by the archbishop, the secretary, and the other bishops, was sent through the apostolic delegate to the Sacred Consistorial Congregation.
The purpose of the visit "is to make sure that the position of the Vatican was and remains supportive of the inalienable Palestinian rights, particularly that which has to do with the 1967 Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, and to confirm assurances by the Apostolic delegate that the agreement, which will be signed with Israel, will not include Catholic Church property or any affiliate organization in East Jerusalem," said the statement.
As a matter of formality Cardinal Gilroy, through the Apostolic Delegate, Monsignor P.
44) In response to inquiries made by the Apostolic Delegate, Andrea Cassulo, about this incident, Archbishop McGuigan contended his actions were intended to remove the Church from the political arena and reiterated his position that the Church's only objective in this regard was to teach Catholic social doctrine.
The granting of the pallium to him was delayed until the next consistory, which did not occur until 12 May 1941, and its imposition was further delayed to coincide with the celebrations of the centenary of the establishment of the Australian hierarchy on 10 May 1942 when the Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop Panico, performed the ceremony.
In July of 1901, Monsignor Diomede Falconio (1842-1917), OFM,(2) the Apostolic Delegate, dispatched a one-page survey to all superiors of institutions of Catholic Higher Education in Canada.
Keane, the rector of the Catholic University, as later, rather than former, bishop of Richmond (94); and Satolli as apostolic delegate after the Spanish-American War (204).
Celso Costantini, the apostolic delegate to China who had come to Rome with these bishops, compared it to an electric current that aroused the missions in China to new life and a new direction.
Through his apostolic delegate in the United States, Archbishop Pio Laghi, he warned the U.