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OTC: FUTL) has purchased a 20% interest in Apotheca Biosciences for an undisclosed amount from CB Scientific, Inc.
Apotheca Biosciences is developing cannabinoids medical products, nutraceuticals, formulation and drug delivery technologies for the healthcare and consumer care industry.
Founder Alyssa Van Guilder also partnered with Rossina Moran to open Acopio, the sister store to Apotheca.
Apotheca R eaders of a certain age might recall It's Grim Up North, a 1991 single which consisted largely of a list of northern towns and cities, backed by a thumping techno soundtrack.
4, 298, 27; 4, 403, 46 y en 4, 197, 21 donde ademas de uniuersa substantia es definido como cellarium, aunque este ultimo apunte se debe sin duda a una confusion entre (h)ypotheca y apotheca.