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The Memorabilia, too, contains passages on the importance of need--for example, the following apothegm: "The sweetest meats, you see, if served before they are wanted, seem sour, and to those who have had enough they are positively nauseating; but even poor fare is very welcome when offered to a hungry man" (III, 11).
Try matching the search vendor with the apothegm below:
The author closes with the apothegm, "No strategist deliberately designs a strategy to fail." He again reminds the reader that the scenarios articulated in the article are intended to be illustrative and not predictive; they do, however, highlight possible strategic acts that have the potential for negative consequences.
Terrence's apothegm was echoed in Dilthey's notion of verstehen and more recently in Davidson's principle of charity in his influential challenge to "conceptual relativism." (48) The alimentative metaphor proposed here also helps collapse the distance between spectator and the moving image, no matter how old or potentially alienating in its technology.
Whitehead once said "Seek simplicity and distrust it." Mr Tuli seems to have heeded only the second part of this apothegm.
in folly." Touchstone delivers a seriocomic apothegm drawn from his
Huxley puts the best possible (counterrevolutionary) face on it, and in that gesture comes as close to a Levinasian apothegm as his Darwinism would allow:
Whenever I think of "neighbor," or "neighborhood," often the first thing that comes to my mind (coming as I do from a catholic background) is the saying "Love your neighbor as yourself." Although many would identify Jesus as the originator of this apothegm, it does in fact predate him.
They quote Thomas Henry Huxley's apothegm that "the great tragedy of Science" is "the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact." Ugly facts from the STI trials, Gray and Wawer propose, should inspire some fast adjustments in HIV prevention policy.
While researching for an interview, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask, according to a well-known apothegm. It's a different story when you actually do an interview.
IT'S REALLY HARD TO KNOW which aphorism, adage or apothegm that passes for common wisdom is guiding the bailout efforts of the benighted Bush administration.