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As Giorgio Vasari's The Apotheosis of Cosimo 1 (painted in the mid-1560s and gracing the cover of the book) illustrates perfectly, by the last decade of the Medici duke's reign he had achieved a secure sacral identity as a divine prince.
Each is credited with one of the five chapters, which address the types and uses of staircases, lessons learned in the period 1100-1600, staircases as theaters of power (1600-1800) and as the apotheosis of ornament (1800-1900), and art nouveau to the present day.
Faith" will find congregants at fests, but the trilogy will achieve its true apotheosis on ancillary.
At five foot, six inches, the New Yorker, who goes by the name Apotheosis, was shorter than the average American male and very unhappy about it.
The Apotheosis represented the absolute consumption of the Vita Christiana: it marked the passage from the terrestrial to the celestial sphere of the physical dematerialization of the saint through fire.
The Oxford English Dictionary, that apotheosis of the lexicographer's art, is bowing to the times and eyeing an all-digital future.
He came a cropper, of course: the soul-crushing nature of the factory system--which Ford didn't precisely invent but brought to its apotheosis, for which he was skewered by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World--didn't wear well up the Amazon, and he found it difficult to offer competitive wages in a barter economy.
Her showbiz mythology will reach its apotheosis when American Public Television releases Liza's at the Palace as a special TV show airing this month on public-TV stations across the country (check local listings).
Taking rock bands, sketches, impersonations, quizzes, celebrity soakings, star interviews and copious amounts of gunk being tossed about and topping it off with a yellow-dungaree-wearing Chris Tarrant, it set the standard for the kind of in-yer-face kid-centric programming that reached its apotheosis in Dick and Dom.
as there followed a summerlong rerun with its Joycean-eum-McLuhanesque apotheosis of the robot that hugs you to death (a pity Hacking missed it).
ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Today's nap: APOTHEOSIS (4.
Your new flat screen television or wafer-thin solar panels might appear the apotheosis of the gleaming, green economy, but these high-tech tools are--like that old, dirty coal plant--helping to roast the planet.