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Murry first examines how "the familiarity of terrestrial divinity" smoothed the path for Cosimo's apotheosis.
In a really good performance the hyper-romantic apotheosis, as Prince Charming arrives to awaken Sleeping Beauty, should bring a lump to the throat - this one did.
Marcel describes his latest collection as 'deriving from a fantasy of mine, taking a bath immersed in soap: the apotheosis of clean
Its serene slow movement theme and variations is the apotheosis of a creative process begun in the C minor Trio, and the Rhodes took it above Schumann's storytelling to a sublime vision beyond time, place and theatre.
At five foot, six inches, the New Yorker, who goes by the name Apotheosis, was shorter than the average American male and very unhappy about it.
The Oxford English Dictionary, that apotheosis of the lexicographer's art, is bowing to the times and eyeing an all-digital future.
The ensuing apotheosis might just give Barney a Jesus complex.
Taking rock bands, sketches, impersonations, quizzes, celebrity soakings, star interviews and copious amounts of gunk being tossed about and topping it off with a yellow-dungaree-wearing Chris Tarrant, it set the standard for the kind of in-yer-face kid-centric programming that reached its apotheosis in Dick and Dom.
as there followed a summerlong rerun with its Joycean-eum-McLuhanesque apotheosis of the robot that hugs you to death (a pity Hacking missed it).
ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Today's nap: APOTHEOSIS (4.
Your new flat screen television or wafer-thin solar panels might appear the apotheosis of the gleaming, green economy, but these high-tech tools are--like that old, dirty coal plant--helping to roast the planet.
The chorus-style narrative is wearing and the apotheosis in which the children join hands with Skellig to take on an angelic role is more effective in our imaginations than when portrayed on stage.