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It's appalling for children of those ages to have a mother who has been dealing drugs.
The panel concluded Butler's actions amounted to "an appalling breach of his duty to look after the interests of the horses in his care and amounted to conduct that was seriously prejudicial to the integrity, proper conduct and good reputation of horseracing in Great Britain".
They are also human - and can crack under the appalling things they experience.
SO Clr Mehboob Khan thinks 'the roads are in an appalling mess after the snow and we need to do the work now'.
To JC who found The Dark Knight appalling, 'Movie appalling' (GDN, August 16).
Reed said: "Dave Collins wanted to make sure I wasn't going to let the team down, I guess he didn't want any bad performances, but to put somebody through that the day before their first ever major international is absolutely appalling.
But the substantive part of Ross's work is the story of the reemergence of the sweatshop both here and abroad with its characteristic pattern of child labor, long hours, appalling conditions and miserable pay that continues to grow with expanding globalization.
Health campaigner Yvonne Davies, 65, from Caerphilly, said: 'It is appalling that this should be happening in this day.
The appalling rule of the civil engineer over the fabric of civilization, a reign which so dominated and horridly destroyed our notions of decent urban life in the second half of the last century, is surely coming to a close--at least in Europe, if not in much of Asia, Africa and the US.
According to The Sunday Te eg r aph , the professor wrote, ``I have a huge problem with the way that the Israelis take the moral high ground from their appalling treatment in the Holocaust, and then inflict gross human rights abuses on the Palestinians because they (the Palestinians) wish to live in their own country.
It is appalling to me that Jack Welch's flowers are being paid for by retired firemen and teachers who are the GE shareholders and don't know this is going on," Nell Minow, an expert on corporate governance, told the New York Times.