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Almost the entire group of former SDSM MPs will be paid appanages of 1,000 euros a month for a whole year, while the recently elected SDSM MPs who resigned their seats provided their traction accounts to the parliamentary service so they would be paid their first salary of about 40,000 denars (650 euros) for May.
A total of 51 MPs have provided requests to Parliament for being paid appanages for 12 months of the end of their term.
appanage very favorable The freedom of the suzerain is granted to local ordinary limited only by his own--or person his predecessors'--promises to the local dynasty.
The prime minister also said that the people did not elect the MPs of SDSM to be paid appanages and stay home.
In the 1540s there were two major powers in Mawarannahr and central Afghanistan, the Uzbek appanages of Mawarannahr and Balkh and the Timurids of central and eastern Afghanistan.