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He had been a manufacturer of electrical apparatus in Indianapolis, until Vail's policy of consolidation drew him into the central group of pioneers and pathfinders.
Two courses were open; either the business had to be kept down to suit the apparatus, or the apparatus had to be developed to keep pace with the business.
Whenever they could afford to buy more wires and batteries, they went to a near-by store which supplied electrical apparatus to the professors and students of Harvard.
No other man has touched the apparatus of telephony at so many points.
You must go to Chicago, where telegraphic apparatus is made.
And now, so that there shall be no anticlimax in this story of telephone development, we must turn the spot-light upon that immense aggregation of workshops in which have been made three-fifths of the telephone apparatus of the world--the Western Electric.
None had been invented, so it made telegraphic apparatus, burglar-alarms, electric pens, and other such things.
Telephonic apparatus consisted of makeshifts and adaptations.
The proper type of apparatus was discovered, and was improved to a high point of efficiency.
There were scarcely thirty people on the look-out for him, in spite of all his clamour, when about six o'clock one summer morning the doors of the big shed in which he had been putting together his apparatus opened--it was near the big model of a megatherium in the Crystal Palace grounds--and his giant insect came droning out into a negligent and incredulous world.
He built his apparatus himself in the safe privacy of the great Crystal Palace sheds, with the assistance of inattentive workmen, and the day next following his flight he took it to pieces single handed, packed certain portions, and then secured unintelligent assistance in packing and dispersing the rest.
Once the KEK trap has been incorporated into a dewar, we plan to take neutron trapping data with the new apparatus at NIST.