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Lot V - Supply and delivery of toner apparatuses Xerox fax machines, printers and copy machines
Foucault notes that one of his chief concerns in focusing on apparatuses is to underscore that an apparatus is a response to an urgent need at a specific historical moment.
Unlike Hegel, Foucault's chief concern lies neither simply with the mere limitation of autonomy nor with the broader dialectical reconciliation of autonomy and positivity; instead, Foucault shifts our critical focus toward an examination of the specific ways in which positivities and apparatuses function to tie together the various rules, regulation, and institutions through which power circulates.
The role of government and political forces lies in ensuring political cover for security apparatuses to enable them to carry out their tasks", Abu Faour was speaking during a tour in Rashaya heritage souk, calling for halting media campaigns against security apparatuses.
Abu Faour also called on all political forces to work on restoring immunity to security apparatuses while rallying around them to carry out their task in protecting Lebanese territories.
The State Food and Drug Administration of China separate the medical apparatuses into three categories in accordance with the safety and effectiveness.
We also advance the application to amusement apparatuses, IC cards and IC tags, in addition to the use of security and encryption in systems and various apparatuses.

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