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That which is clear, plain, and evident.

In the law of agency, an agent has apparent authority to represent the person, or principal, for whom he or she acts, when the principal acts in such a manner toward the agent that a reasonable person would plainly assume that the agent was acting for the principal.


(Perceptible), adjective able to be seen, clear, conspicuous, definite, detectable, discernible, easily seen, evident, explicit, exposed, express, identifiable, in sight, in view, indubitable, known, manifestus, noticeable, notorious, obvious, open, open to view, overt, palpable, patent, perceivable, plain, real, recognizable, self-evident, showing, species, tangible, uncovered, undisguised, videor, viewable, visible
Associated concepts: apparent ability, apparent agency, apparent authority, apparent cause, apparent danger, apparent defect, apparent easement, apparent from the record, apparent necessity, apparent ownership, apparent partnership, apparent risk, apparent scope of authority, apparent use


(Presumptive), adjective appearing, assumptive, conjectural, contemplated, evidential, expected, hopeful, intended, likely, logical, manifest, ostensible, premised, presumable, probable, proposed, prospective, seeming, suggestive, supposable, supposed, suppositional, suppositionary, suppositive, taken for granted, to be supposed
Associated concepts: apparent heir, apparent validity
Foreign phrases: Quod constat clare non debet verificari.What is clearly apparent is not required to be proved. Quod constat curiae opere testium non indiget. That which appears to the court needs not the help of witnesses.
See also: axiomatic, blatant, candid, circumstantial, clear, coherent, colorable, conclusive, conspicuous, constructive, demonstrable, determinative, discernible, distinct, elementary, evident, flagrant, known, lucid, manifest, naked, obvious, open, ostensible, overt, palpable, patent, pellucid, perceivable, perceptible, plausible, presumptive, probable, prominent, public, specious, unmistakable, visible

APPARENT. That which is manifest what is proved. It is required that all things upon which a court must pass, should be made to appear, if matter in pays, under oath if matter of record, by the record. It is a rule that those things which do not appear, are to be considered as not existing de non apparentibus et non existentibus eadem est ratio. Broom's Maxims, 20, What does not appear, does not exist; quod non apparet, non est.

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As he spoke I could not but note the crafty glint in his evil eyes, and while I saw the apparent logic of his reasoning I felt, subconsciously perhaps, that his words did but veil some sinister intent.
One study (Characterization of Patients with Chronic Refractory Gout Who Do and Do Not Have Clinically Apparent Tophi: Response to Pegloticase; abstract THU0448) retrospectively analyzed data from two pivotal, six-month, randomized clinical trials comparing patients with and without clinically apparent tophi, which are hard uric acid deposits under the skin that contribute to bone and cartilage destruction.
The list of awarded contracts includes the name of the project, its location or the public agency requesting the bid, the apparent low bidder or bid award recipient and the price.
Platts calculates China's apparent or implied oil demand on the basis of crude throughput volumes at the domestic refineries and net oil product imports, as reported by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and Chinese customs.
By Sports Reporter/Doha Hh the Heir Apparent Cup football trophy tour continued this weekend as the big kick-off approaches.
QNA DOHA THE Heir Apparent His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani patronised the opening of the two-day International Trade Conference at the Qatar National Convention Center, in Doha, on Sunday.
worldsteel forecasts that apparent steel use will increase by 6.
EAST BROOKFIELD - The apparent low bid for demolishing and removing the town's former highway garage on Stevens Road was $9,250, submitted by Beauchamp Excavating of East Brookfield.
THE Prince of Wales becomes the longest serving heir apparent in British history today.
Your inquest is not going to be about 52 apparent deaths, it will be about 52 real deaths caused by four real bombers.
1 : clear to the understanding : evident <It was apparent that we could not win.
Equation 1 is used to calculate the apparent shear rate that is directly applied to the rubber specimen.