apparent state

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Chris Lear Nelson young age, reasoning are limited Monument Lear to media THE new BBC edifice in Wood Street, Cardiff - now in an apparent state of near-completion - is indeed an elegant building.
Stripped of its historical value after decades of apparent state neglect, that concrete marker is now part of a wall in a Korean restaurant, according to scholars and members of heritage conservation groups.
University staff are alarmed at the apparent state of Bangor University's finances.
It did not go unnoticed, though, that representatives of Bags and SIS could hardly have been placed further apart, mirroring the apparent state of relations between the two organisations.
org, the PCA 2015 Apparent State & Market Report (Spring Preliminary), notes these cement consumption factors by building or construction market: residential rose 11 percent year over year, reaching a level last seen in 2007; commercial sector demand grew for a fifth consecutive year; and, highway project-bound shipments fell about 15 percent after reaching a post-recession high in 2014.
What may have swung the undecideds against him in the end was his apparent state of denial about the last Labour government's spending record, while I shouldn't think the tombstone helped much either.
src=typd&q=elizabeth%20lauten) Jenna Bush in an apparent state of drunkenness, with the reminder "The internet NEVER forgets.
These citizens expressed dismay over what they called "the visible apathy displayed by the government and the Mahanayake Theros of the Tri-Nikayas, at a time when the rights to religious worship and assembly of its citizens are being threatened by extremism" and added "we wish to highlight apparent state complicity and the level of impunity repeatedly granted by the state to extremist elements in the country.
INDIA'S intelligence apparatus is in an apparent state of disarray despite the growing terror threat lurking across the country.
Next time I looked at my email inbox, it was stuffed with dozens of messages from Facebook addicts, all in an apparent state of ecstasy to learn I had joined their widening circle - relatives, friends, friends of relatives, relatives of friends and friends of friends.
France were in an apparent state of disarray after losing their final pool match to Tonga but they united to beat England in the quarter-finals.
The French stumbled through the group stages and were in an apparent state of disarray after losing to Tonga but found their stride to send England packing with their 19-12 win in Auckland.