apparently right

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It does not seem to me so genuine grief when some tyrannous Richard the Third oppresses and slays a score of innocent persons, as when Antonio and Tasso, both apparently right, wrong each other.
This subject matter for the May issue of CIS magazine was apparently right on time, as Confirmit, Genesys, NICE and Virtual Hold have all made recent announcements that address the intersection of mobile and customer service.
This operation happened on his watch, and apparently right under his nose, and apparently cost the life of at least one law enforcement officer.
Then there's Stoke, who were in crisis before kick-off against Blues on Tuesday and now everything is apparently right with the world in the Potteries.
Neither man meant to hurt their opponent, but in the current climate the referee was apparently right to issue red cards.
Irving womanizes across so many years that when he decides to marry, he can't figure out how to move beyond the first date with the apparently right woman.
It was apparently right by my head but I didn't even notice.
might be immune to the changes in our weather, but their natural constituents, Australia's flies, are apparently right on the ball.
Reyes said the bomb was apparently right at the gate and exploded just as the embassy car was entering the residence.
out of isolated listening patrols with a loudspeaker burst of propaganda in Korean, apparently right beside us.